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We are a well established group of experienced independent midwives, working throughout London.

When you book with us you are cared for by two dedicated midwives that you get to know equally well during your pregnancy. We always aim to have two midwives present during the birth of your baby. The postnatal period is a time of great importance for the whole family, so we visit you daily in the first week and tailor further visits to your needs throughout the first month.

Women who book with us appreciate the peace of mind of continuity and the combined wealth of experience and skill of two practitioners. As a group we support each other regularly by sharing clinical skills and up-to-date research. We constantly strive to enhance our knowledge by learning from each other and the women we care for.


We specialise in homebirth, waterbirth and VBAC (vaginal birth after a caesarean), and we can also support hospital births and offer a post-natal care package. We welcome women who have had a difficult birth experience in the past and are supportive of women wanting a vaginal breech or natural twin birth.

Please feel free to contact any one of us for an informal chat to discuss your needs and wishes.

Award winning Independent Midwives


As award winning midwives, we offer exceptional services using the gold standard of continuity of carer endorsed by Better Births (National Maternity Review, 2016). Our clients enjoy 24/7 access to their midwives and the close working relationships that we all value.

Siew's Birth

Having Mal and Jacqui there from the start of my second pregnancy took away any of the stress and anxiety that came from the traumatic birth of our eldest son in hospital. Wilbur was delivered in the warmth and comfort of our home and it was magical.


Emma's Birth

I feel so privileged to have had the support of Mal, Jacqui and Emilie at the most exciting moment of my life. They are all amazing and I am eternally grateful that they enabled me to have my perfect baby boy delivered safely in the comfort of my own home, all 10lb 3oz of him!

Alex's Birth

I have only extremely positive things to say as does my husband about Jacqui, Mal and the service they provide through the London Birth Practice. I can only comment on personal experience which seemed a world away from my friends who went through the usual NHS channels.


Eva's Birth

Our baby was born with tongue tie,which makes feeding more painful for the mother, but it seemed i was particularly extreme case still. Emilie and Mal immediately recognised the severity of my pain and reacted instantly. Mal visited us for every feed the first day to make sure we had continuous suppirt. They gave us so many helpful tips and tricks that we were soon able to tackle the feeds as a team without mal or Emilie at our sides.


Many thanks to all the mothers, fathers, babies and grandparents who have been so generous with their stories, comments and photos.

If you would like to add to this wonderful collection please feel free to do so at any time.


Our phone numbers


If you would like us to call you back please include your phone number.  It would also help to know your due date and where you live.

Jacqui Tomkins: 07866 262368



Mal Soomessur: 07766 087385



Sandesh Brown: 07866 690321


Hannah Palamara: 07739 350549


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